My dear daughter, Giovana

Today you are celebrating 17 years of being in this crazy, wild, wonderful world.

And I’m celebrating 17 years and 9 months of loving you.


It’s an interesting, mystic feeling, this energy we call LOVE.

You can only GIVE love.

You may be open to receive it…. but It’s not up to you if it comes back to you or not.

Maybe that’s why God created love. So that we could learn about things we can’t control.

I wanted to tell you I love you, but I say that to you all the time. So I wrote 17 things I love about you. I could’ve gone on and on and had to leave so many things out to stick to only 17.

I hope it puts a smile on your face.

Seventeen things I love about you:


1)      You are a lot of fun to be with.

2)      You are so damn funny.

3)      You are beautiful. Inside and out.

4)      You have the smile of a thousand shining stars.

5)      You always know a funny joke to tell me.

6)      You exude magnetism and charm. In a silly way I adore.

7)      You are creative and talented.

8)      You light up any room when you arrive.

9)      You are always willing to help.

10)   You are sensitive and caring.

11)   You are strong. Even when you feel you aren’t.

12)   You and I have laughed until we cried. Uncontrollably. Many times.

13)   You love to read. And you love music.

14)   You are not ashamed to show affection.

15)   You usually laugh out loud and don’t care who sees it.

16)   You make my heart skip a beat when you look into my eyes right deep into my soul.

17)   You are my daughter.

These are all undeniably and unquestionably true, but even if the first 16 weren’t, the 17th would be enough.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart. 

You are and forever will be…

my best work of art. 

5 thoughts on “To my daughter, on her 17th birthday.

  1. pat trotter

    Sandra, Your letter to your daughter was just so beautiful! It brought tears through my eyes and warmth in my heart!!!!!


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